Nucleus Colonies


5-Frame Deep Nuc Colony

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A nucleus colony (nuc) consists of five (5) deep (9¼”) frames of drawn comb in a ventilated plastic shipping box. Each nuc costs $195 and will contain:

  • one laying queen
  • gentle and healthy worker bees
  • frames of brood
  • frames of honey & pollen

These are strong nucs with high-quality, well-mated queens.


  • Nucs are sold on a pre-paid, first-come basis and cost $195.
  • Pick-up is scheduled for early April, 2023. Date to be determined.
  • We will send an announcement to all members about the pickup date as soon as we know the exact date.
  • We will send a reminder via email two days’ prior to the pickup date.


Any questions regarding nuc sales, please contact the coordinator, Steve McDaniel by phone (443-507-6367) or email (


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