A number of educational offerings are available in the MD/PA area to those who cannot attend the CMBA Short Course or who want more in-depth training in various aspects of beekeeping.

Register Your Hives

Please use form button below to register your hives. Registration is the single strongest indicator of the need for a MD State Apiary Inspector’s program. Besides, its the law that all hives in MD must be registered each year. There is no cost for registration, but a donation to the program is suggested in any amount to support this important service.

Our State Apiary Inspector, Cybil Preston, along with Mack & Tuca (her specially trained dogs for American Foulbrood detection),  and just a handful of inspectors, inspect all the hives for the entire state of Maryland. This service is entirely free of charge to the beekeeper. This is a critical service for the health and safety of all of our colonies and it is only partially funded by the Maryland State of Agriculture.

For CMBA Members: Hands-on Learning

For CMBA members only, get hands-on learning in our teaching apiary the “Nuc Yard”. The Nuc Yard is an opportunity for both “newbees” and experienced beekeepers to ask questions, gain experience, try new things, and learn from each other. The Nuc Yard meets regularly all season long. Come for one session or come to them all!