The Useful Information page contains articles, suggestions, tools, recipes, rumors & innuendos, perhaps even some old wives’ tales.

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Local Suppliers:

*** 2024 season: CMBA will not be organizing a NUC fundraiser this year. Please reach out to a supplier to arrange for picking up your bees.***

Here is a list of local suppliers who sell nucs, packages, and/or beekeeping supplies.

Bee Care, Resources, and Products:

Feeding bees – a useful compendium of information on mixing syrups and feeding bees
-Plant and flower nectar and pollen sources for North America.
-An article on making a candy board for emergency winter feeding.
-A website that seems to have a lot of interesting bee info for all ages, here, with thanks to Carrie Cadwell
of Seattle, WA.
-What does a honey label tell you? What can we count on and what questions should we ask?
This informational webpage was suggested by one of our contacts for anyone buying or selling honey.
Check out this UK website with lots of nice basic information for people interested in beekeeping.
Saving Our Bees is a Texas based group with information about the importance of pollinators and how you can help.

Planting for Pollinators:

Here are several links to very useful publications regarding plantings you can use for pollinators in the Mid-Atlantic region. Thanks to Miri Talabac of Behnke Nurseries of Beltsville (301-937-1100) for this. By the way, Behnke is one of the very few Nurseries in MD that is dedicated to providing neonic-free plants for consumers!
Landscaping with Native Plants for the Bees – Pennsylvania State University
Planting for Native Bees – Delaware Dept. of Agriculture
Native Plants for Bee Forage – North Carolina State University
Healthy Garden
Tips for Gardeners
Beneficial Bugs
Safe Pollinator Habitat Suppliers
Pollinator Workshop Plant List
You Can Never Have Too Many Bulbs for a Pollinator Garden
Safe Pollinator Habitat Suppliers-4-17

Local Regulations:

Baltimore City application for keeping bees (Community Law Center, Baltimore)

Baltimore Co. regulations on the keeping of beehives

Your Bees are Dead. Now What?


Pesticide Information:

An Oregon State publication listing many pesticides, their trade names, and toxicity information

A list of major studies on the effect of neonics on bees

Alternate, lower impact pesticides for home use from Smart on Pesticides Maryland

Safer Neonic-free Pesticides

Neonics in Your Garden

Central Maryland Bees