Swarms, and what the public needs to know –

A swarm of honeybees is a wonderful sight to behold. It is the natural reproduction of a whole colony. Swarms are not dangerous or aggressive if simply left alone. They have no interest in you.

Swarm “high season” in Baltimore Co. is April & May. Swarms can happen at other times, but more rarely.

Honeybees when swarming are relatively docile, and have no interest in you. They have no hive or young to protect, and are well fed before they leave the hive. So the first advise: Relax a bit. Move in a relaxed way, or sit and watch. They may be flying around, but they are not after you.

A swarm will first land fairly close to the colony from which it left, often only 25-100yds. If that colony is managed by a local beekeeper, s/he would probably  like to collect the swarm. Ask around. Get to know your neighbors. if there is a beekeeper in your neighborhood, you may eventually have a swarm visit.

What to know before you call:

The address and contact phone number for the swarm location. Your contact information if different.

A clear description of where the swarm is. How high, in what specific location, if there are barriers to entry (fences, locks, dogs, etc), and how long the swarm has been there, if you know.

Who to call if you have a swarm:

РThe following is a list of CMBA beekeepers who collect swarms.  For best results, you may wish to contact someone in your zip code or an adjacent zip code.

Roxie Allison-Holman onthemove222@yahoo.com 301-466-8536 20720
Mickey Balinovic soulsearcher118@comcast.net 410-569-8342 21009
Tre Bart exometrics@gmail.com 410-979-0888 21111
Eddie Beasley Ebeasley10@gmail.com 410-302-5181 21221
Cynthia Bearer cbearer@peds.umaryland.edu 410-404-1372 21211
Bryan Bender swarm.baltimore@gmail.com 443-909-6803 21093
Laverne Bradshaw Ldiamond2006@yahoo.com 410-800-3103 21239
Arnie Breidenbaugh albjr@acsindustrial.com 410-472-4620 21152
Susan Brennan Susanbrennan721@verizon.net 410-825-3869 21286
Gary Bush gbush@aol.com 410-667-6871 21030
Bill Castro Billmimi94@comcast.net 303-877-4617 21229
Douglas Clemens Clemens.doug@gmail.com 410-977-3564 21210
Sally Cocks 410-472-0959 21111
Jo Cosgrove bearfatnbeeswax@gmail.com 630-640-7195 21206
Allen Evans mia.evans@yahoo.com 210-710-4690 21090
Todd Evans scoobula1@yahoo.com 443.226.9560 21211
Jerry Fischer jerelaf@verizon.net 443-791-9263 21237
Jonathon Forte fortej2@gmail.com 570-236-7927 21230
Anthony Frederick Anthony.frederick@comcast.net 443-791-7407 21057
Jeffrey Gair peacefulalternatives@hotmail.com 443-791-7986 21236
Laura Gair laura.gair@gmail.com 443-791-7986 21236
Mary Gamper Gamper.mary@gmail.com 410-337-2290 21204
Christopher Hart chartjac@aol.com 410-448-0691 21207
Gerhert Hauptman-Diaz ghauptman@gmail.com 21030
Emma Jagoz emma@moonvalleyfarm.net 21030
Gordon Kaufman glk116@earthlink.net 410-494-8758 21212
Timothy Kaufman tsk680@yahoo.com 410-227-9227 21093
Devra Kitterman devra.kitterman@gmail.com 443-250-7184 21210
Dennis LeCompte Dendodge06@comcast.net 443-491-3112 21161
Joe Lewis lewisjoseph@verizon.net 410-322-3342 21014
Jude Lombardi jlombardi@jlombardi.net 410-664-5151 21209
Katherine Mansi bmorecheeky@gmail.com 240-305-3245 21209
Matthew Masaschi Matt.masaschi@gmail.com 410-852-2629 21211


Craig McCullough clarmc@comcast.net 410-241-3475 21120
Steve McDaniel mail@mcdanielphotography.com 443-507-6367 21102
Brad Moore B55R57Moore@verizon.net 410-527-0129 21131
Russell Musgrave russellmusgrave@gmail.com 410-258-6667 21220
Jeff Nelson Jwnelson00@verizon.net 410-833-9535 21071
Robert Niebuhr Kaligula13@aol.com 410-215-0339 21120
Sondra Novo Sondra1205@gmail.com 410-218-0673 21084
Bonnie Raindrop bonnieraindrop@gmail.com 410-404-3808 17349
Cynthia Raspi cindy.raspi@gmail.com 410-374-8122 21155
Lisa Reichenbach reichenbach@kennedykrieger.org 410-821-8458 21204
Nate Reid thehoneybeeguy@gmail.com 443-904-7096 21228
James Roberts jimsnapshot@comcast.net 410-391-5709 21221
John Sackett John.sackett@comcast.net 410-252-7620 21093
Jason Scarlatta jasonscarlatta@yahoo.com 301-573-3275 21701
Lloyd Snyder lrsnyder@zoominternet.net 410-329-6671 21161
Pam Spencer mhspencer@verizon.net 410-785-3389 21131
Robert Stalick bobs@chilybuddy.com 301-221-3606 21102
Robert Stanhope stanhopes@verizon.net 410-472-9269 21152
Charles Thomas sawmillcharlie@gmail.com 410-937-3069 21047
KennethThompson Kdt3@verizon.net 410-274-3864 21131
Cathy Tipper cathy@futureharvestcasa.org 410-218-3620 21111
Susan Warner swarner@ccbcmd.edu 443-840-2618 21047
John Wilke johnjr@ymail.com 410-374-0398 21102
Bonny Wright Bw55@me.com 410-218-2341 21152
Louise Wright louiserw@gmail.com 410-254-3174 21214
Rose Zaeske rose.zaeske@gmail.com 443-286-4244 21211

– If you can’t reach anyone from the list above, call 911. They maintain a list of beekeepers who may be interested in coming to collect the swarm. Let the 911 operator know you’d like to talk to the Supervisor about the list of beekeepers available. It will be up to you to call the beekeeper. There is no legal requirement s/he comes to remove the swarm.

– You can also call the MD State Apiarist. The office phone is 41o 841 5920, mobile is 41o 562 3464.