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Check your hives now to prepare them for winter.  Look for:
* honey stores
* brood
* varroa mites

If there’s no honey, start feeding immediately.  An increase in food may trigger brood production.
Treat for varroa as needed. 


Volunteers are needed for the Honey Harvest at Oregon Ridge on 10/7 and 10/8.
  – Saturday, 10/7
    ^ 2 people needed at 12:30 hive demo.
    ^ 2 people needed at 1:30 extraction demo.
    ^ 2 people needed at 2:30 hive demo.
    ^ 2 people needed at the 3:30 extraction demo.
  – Sunday, 10/8
    ^ 2 people needed at 12:30 hive demo.
    ^ 2 people needed at 1:30 extraction demo.
    ^ 2 people needed at 2:30 hive demo.
    ^ 2 people needed at the 3:30 extraction demo.
Please email Ed Neubauer at to sign up for these events.


Plants that are excellent for bees, blooming through the summer/fall:
Hyssop (Agastache, Black Adder)
Mountain mint (Pycnanthemum)

Other plants are listed in the Education > Useful Information section.


Who joins CMBA?
Anyone interested in promoting and learning about honeybees can join! Our members include commercial, sideline, and hobby keepers as well as non-beekeepers who share our fascination with bees.

What does CMBA do?

Our mission is simple – we strive to educate our members on the best methods and practices for successful beekeeping, and to educate the public on the importance and value of honeybees in our ecosystem. Our non-profit organization does this in the following ways:

  • We hold monthly meetings to discuss topics of interest, share information and generally socialize with other bee enthusiasts.  All meetings are open to the public.
  • We offer educational courses designed to provide the basic concepts and management practices for maintaining hives.
  • The “Hive Tool”,  our monthly newsletter, brings local and national information to club members.
  • Our club provides access to an extensive number of local resources, and more.
  • Our partnership with the Maryland Agricultural Resource Council provides members and nonmembers with educational opportunities regarding the importance of honeybees in a complex environment.

Where does CMBA meet?

Our meetings are held at the Oregon Ridge Nature Center near Hunt Valley Maryland at 13555 Beaver Dam Road, Cockeysville, MD 21030. If you have questions about the CMBA, its schedule or policies, please use this CMBA website contact information.

CMBA meeting cancellations generally follow facility closures by either the Baltimore Co. Parks and Rec. Dept. or the Baltimore Co. Government. To verify a meeting cancellation, please see the CMBA Meetings schedule and the WBAL Closing & Delays section.

How do I join CMBA?

Everything you need is right here. You can print and mail the membership form, or register and pay on line.  Either way, you will be glad you became a member of the Central Maryland Beekeepers Association!