2022 Honeybee Nucleus Colony Fundraiser

This spring, CMBA is again pre-purchasing and reselling nucs from Florida. The sales of these nucs are our largest fundraiser of the year. 

Each nuc is a 6-frame deep box including:

  • one 2022 open-mated queen
  • two to three frames of brood
  • two frames of honey
  • one feeder frame

Price per nuc: $185.00.

All CMBA nucs are sold on a pre-paid, first-come basis.


Pick-up is scheduled for Saturday, April 9, 2022 (this date is subject to change due to weather), at the Maryland Agricultural Resource Center, 1114 Shawan Road, Cockeysville, MD  21030.  Last year we distributed the nucs at pickup using a drive-thru, minimal-contact process.  It went smoothly, and we think it minimized the chances of COVID-19 infection.  We’ll use the same process for pickup this time around.

Any questions regarding nuc sales, please email the coordinator, Mary Gamper at Gamper.Mary@gmail.com.

Please see this information sheet on receiving your nucs.

CMBA sells only deep nucs. If you are buying a deep nuc for use in medium boxes, please read this article on transitioning deeps.