Our Mission

To educate the public about the importance of the honeybee to agriculture and life in general, to promote the benefits of eating locally produced honey, and to provide current information necessary to manage a colony of honeybees on a continuing basis.


Chris Hart


I have been a beekeeper since 2014. I joined CMBA after taking the short course and the Nuc yard crew not long afterward. I have been president of CMBA since 2017. I have helped at the Nuc yard for 7 years and education outreach when needed.

Attended all club functions for all of the 7 years. Outside of CMBA, I belong to other bee clubs, always trying to learn more about beekeeping. I also enjoy gardening and planting pollinator plants. Above all I enjoy meeting new and old beekeepers who want to promote beekeeping. Willing to help anyone and everyone with beekeeping.

Vice President

Karly Fae Hansen


As an avid gardener, Karly was always interested in pollinators and plants. On a whim in 2018, she decided to take the CMBA beekeeping short course with her sister. Intimidated by the variety of types of equipment and methods of beekeeping, she spent her first-year learning and helping in the CMBA’s teaching apiary (“Nuc Yard”). In her first year keeping bees at home, she started with 3 nucs and by the end of the season had 9 colonies. Since 2018 she’s also participated in CMBA board meetings, was the club’s first social media chair, she volunteers in the nuc yard and at other club events, and is now the 2022 Vice President for CMBA. Karly Fae most enjoys queen rearing alongside Bryan Bender for Chesapeake Queen Company, spring beekeeping, occasional swarm calls, and taking pictures of the bees and the beekeeper’s life. When not beekeeping she has a full-time job in the medical staffing field, and her other hobbies include gardening, hiking, kayaking, and art.


Lynne Ellis


As a farm manager my love of the outdoors has kept me involved with taking care of nature so it takes care of us. I have always wanted to be involved with beekeeping and decided in January of 202o to take that step. Through it all with hands on and online learning I found I love it more than I thought was possible. At present I have two hives, hopefully 2 splits coming, a new nuc and maybe a swarm or two. The people at Central Maryland Beekeepers have been so helpful and welcoming that I decided to run for Treasurer and now hold that position. I hope to share my experiences and love for this activity to others, especially our youth.


Nicole Yakas


I have always been fascinated with the activities and behaviors of colonizing insects, including ants, termites and honey bees. My interest in beekeeping started about 5 years ago after watching a documentary on honey bees and beekeeping. A few years later, I was able to sign up for the Short Course with CMBA and get my first hive about 1 year later. Three years later, I have 7 hives of my own, mostly swarms I have caught, and I help manage beehives on organic farms. Currently I manage 20 hives in total. I enjoy teaching people about honeybees and how amazing they are.


Katherine Hensley


Newsletter, State Fair & A.V. Advisor

Lloyd Snyder



Regina Andrew


Social Media Chair

Karly Fae Hansen / Lynne Ellis


Nuc Yard/ Teaching Apiary

Bryan Bender



Bonnie Britt


The CMBA is a 501(c)(3) educational tax-exempt organization, and accepts tax-deductible donations.