Queens, Nucs & Splits

CMBA’s 5-Frame Deep Nucs for 2017 Are Sold Out

The CMBA Apiary Project is a club-sponsored apiary with hands-on training for club beekeepers. You can help the program – and you can benefit. In 2017, CMBA is purchasing 5-frame deep nucs from FL. The nucs are fully functioning honeybee colonies each with a 2017 mated queen. Each nuc contains 2- 3 frames of brood, 2 frames of honey, and a laying queen. Sales of these nucs are a CMBA Fundraiser. Cost per nuc: $160.00 (same price as last year.) Pick up is scheduled for April 8, 2017 (subject to change due to weather.) All nucs are sold on a pre-paid, first-come basis.


 Again, pick-up is planned for April 8, 2017, at the Ag Center.

– If you have already purchased nucleus hives, please see this information sheet on receiving your nucs.

CMBA sells only deep nucs. If you are buying a deep nuc for use in medium boxes, please read this article on transitioning deeps.


A listing of queen-rearing courses and talks, available more or less locally, will be available soon for the 2017 season. (The list is updated seasonally; check back.)

For sources of locally raised queens and nucs, see the Suppliers page here.

Please also see the Resources page for other educational information.