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The following is listed by a private party:

Charlie Dorsey ( has the following items for sale.

                                                 New Hive Components

                              (in-carton items purchased from Mann Lake)

    KD-600 commercial grade 9-5/8′ deep hive bodies; 25 unassembled boxes available
    KD-605 commercial grade 6-5/8 Illinois hive bodies; 15 unassembled boxes available 
        These bodies are offered at one dollar off each of current Mann Lake prices.

    FR-823 Select frames unassembled 6-1/4″ Illinois, $0.90 each

    FR-827 Select frames ASSEMBLED 7-1/4″ (the deeper Illinois by 1″),  $1.10 each

    #6 wire mesh (1/6″ x 1/’6″ squares), galvanized for bottom boards. Comes 3′ wide and sold by the foot length @ $1.50 per foot.

                                                Used Hive Equipment

I also have some used deep hive bodies that I assembled.  I glued and nailed them and painted 3 coats, 1 oil based primer and 2 coats of top of the line Sherwin Williams white latex paint. $15 TO $25 each, depending on overall condition.  All are in good serviceable condition.

In addition lots of used deep frames. Some frames have had the comb removed, some not.  Frames without foundation are $1.00 each, with plastic foundation $1.25 each.

Perhaps I will have a few inner and top covers and a few bottom boards.

Posted 2/17/18


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