The Useful Information page contains articles, suggestions, tools, recipes, rumors & innuendos, perhaps even some old wife’s tales. Amongst the listings you may find just that item your were needing. If you have a tidbit or a need, send it here for inclusion and you will be helping others.


Feeding bees – a useful compendium of information on mixing syrups and feeding bees

Plant and flower nectar and pollen sources for North America.

An article on making a candy board for emergency winter feeding.

A website that seems to have a lot of interesting bee info for all ages, here, with thanks to Carrie Cadwell of Seattle, WA.

A recent study on the effect of fungicides on bees’ susceptibility to Nosema

Baltimore City application for keeping bees (Community Law Center, Baltimore)

Baltimore Co. regulations on the keeping of beehives

An Oregon State publication listing many pesticides, their trade names, and toxicity information

Your Bees are Dead. Now What?

A link to Maryland rules for selling honey publicly, if your income from that pursuit is under $25,000.