The Resources page hosts information and presentations that guest speakers at CMBA meetings have allowed to be published, and links to other sites that may be informative for our members. Please report broken links here

Please use this form to register your hives. Registration is the single strongest indicator of the need for a MD State Apiary Inspector’s program. Besides, its the law that all hives in MD must be registered each year. There is no cost for registration, but a donation to the program is suggested.  Click here to make a donation in any amount to support this important service.

In September 2016 we were fortunate to have one of our own members, Luke Goembel, talk to us about several valuable and creative aspects of his beekeeping methods.  You can view the same videos Luke shared with the membership right here!  Just click the links below and enjoy.
Honey Extraction
Installing Packages 2009
Oxalic Acid Drip
Wax Dipping

In May 2016, Joe Lewis of the Susquehanna Beekeepers Association spoke to us about sustainable beekeeping through splitting colonies and making nucs.  His presentation was filmed and is available for viewing on YouTube by clicking this link.

With thanks to the Prince Williams County (VA) Beekeepers: “April, 2011, Mike Palmer of French Hill Apiaries, St. Albans, VT talked about The Sustainable Apiary which included a management plan for a sustainable apiary and an extensive discussion of overwintering nucs.”

Mike Palmer, The Sustainable Apiary, Part 1 (1 hour 16 minutes)
Mike Palmer, The Sustainable Apiary, Part 2 (48 minutes)
Other informative PWRBeekepers videos can be seen here“.

7 May, 2013 – Jim & Pat Haskell spoke on making splits. The presentation can be downloaded here.

Chef Levi’s Aug 2013 recipes: Country Ribs w/honey; Salad & Honey Vinaigrette; Honey Flat Bread; Salty Honey Ice Cream

October 2014: A reference document listing studies linking bees and neonicotinoid pesticides

November 2014: With thanks for a lead from Julia Davis, a site that speaks of beekeeping with Adults & Kids

March 2015: Many thanks to Chloe Kinney for her suggested link on A Guide to Bees

An hour video by Joe Lewis of the Susquehanna Beekeepers on Splits and Nucleus Colonies