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November 14, 2017 – Legislative Committee Lobby Day on Capitol Hill

The (national) Pollinator Protection Network which CMBA is a member of, who organized the Saving America’s Pollinator Act briefing and lobby day, is planning a similar event and has asked CMBA if we can organize another group to visit representatives. About 20 CMBA beeks did this in August and our efforts added many co-sponsors to the Saving America’s Pollinators Act.

This time, the focus is on the Monsanto-Bayer merger, the maker of neonics (Bayer) and the largest buyer of neonics (Monsanto). This is the largest of 3 mega-mergers in the Agro-chem industry this year, which will increase neonics, consolidate the market for neonic-coated GMO seed, raise food prices and further reduce access to non-GMO seed.

We are asking beekeepers to visit Congressional offices in teams, to talk about what this will mean for pollinators and  will be provided with talking points.  The purpose of our visits will be to talk to members of the Judiciary Committee to discuss the impacts to pollinators and urge them to require a hearing, so the issue can be brought into the public debate.

LOGISTICS: The train is easy. We will organize ride sharing groups to Penn Station and together ride the Marc Train ($8 round trip) to Union Station; the Hill is just a few blocks away. We’ll attend the briefing as a group, and depending on our numbers, break into smaller teams to visit Congressional offices for appointments. Then meet up to train back together.

So if you are looking for a positive action you can take, this  will be an energizing and productive way to speak up for the health of bees.


Bonnie Raindrop
Legislative Committee


Other News

An informative radio show (Dan Rodrick’s Midday on WYPR, 23 June 2015) that included Dennis vanEngelsdorp, Sam Droege, and CMBA Legislative Chair Bonnie Raindrop.


Maryland beekeepers, please sign on to the Beekeeper’s Letter to the Maryland Dept. of Agriculture in support of the concerns expressed in that letter. Fill out this form, and we will include your name and zipcode (and nothing else) with the many other Maryland beekeepers who have signed this letter.

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